The architecture of the BP Station utilizes the language of
the surrounding neighborhoods.

Photograph of the BP Station at the intersection of Palafox and
Cervantes Streets in Pensacola

Owner:  Mr. Dan McKenzie           
Location: Pensacola, FL                    


This relatively small project demonstrates our commitment to designing attractive, unique buildings.  Because the site is located within Pensacola’s Historic District, the building and all of its components fall under the jurisdiction of the city’s Architectural Review Board. 

The building and canopy of the facility are sheathed by redwood siding and trim which bear the color scheme used internationally by British Petroleum.  The design is an ornate Victorian scheme which incorporates several vital characteristics of the surrounding neighborhoods.  Utilizing the architectural language of the historic district, the design was well accepted by both the Architectural Review Board as well as the British Petroleum corporation; the client was also pleased.  The building serves as a prototype for twelve other gas stations we completed for this client in Florida and Georgia.