Four Winds Dining Hall

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Owner:  Pensacola Christian College, Inc.            
Location: Pensacola, FL                    
Completion Date: November 1999


The Four Winds Dining Hall seats 1,500 students and includes one of the largest commercial kitchens in the Southeast.  The floor plan form is dictated by the logical flow of student traffic through the serving and dining areas.  The dining experience is based on a food court concept that provides a variety of meal choices, from hot cooked meals to salad bars, cereal bars, deli and grill items.  There are 14 separate food bars with drink counters located in the dining area to ease congestion.

There is a small private dining area for executives and vip guests on the second floor that overlooks the main dining room and a staff dining room is adjacent to the main dining room.

The Dining Hall presents a bright, open, inviting atmosphere for the students by incorporating skylights, exposed trusses, exposed ductwork and large colorful flower banners - based on food choices and environment, the Four Winds Dining Hall has moved away from the standard institutional cafeteria concept.