MacKenzie Academic Building

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Owner:  Pensacola Christian College, Inc.             S.F.: 199,000
Location:  Pensacola, Florida


The MacKenzie Building  incorporates academic, office, child day care, auditorium and assembly spaces into one facility. Strobel & Hunter Inc.'s design responds to various site constraints and the need for harmony with existing campus buildings. The first two floors of the building contain a large multi-functional auditorium space and banquet facility, a 19,000 s.f. child day care center, and other large assembly rooms.

The project incorporates several unique design features, such as a six-story atrium space which serves as the entrance to the building. The space is enhanced by glass elevators, balconies, and capped by a pyramid shaped skylight to add a touch of elegance. Other interesting features include a 150-seat planetarium with a 360-degree domed viewing screen accompanied by rooftop observation decks.