Crowne Centre

Owner:  Pensacola Christian College, Inc.            
Location: Pensacola, FL                    
Completion Date: 2001


The Crowne Centre - a 297,000-square-foot, 6,050-seat multipurpose auditorium—stands on Main Drive near the front entrance of campus. The state-of-the-art facility is used for college chapel, classrooms, Campus Church services, and other occasions. The auditorium combines excellence in aesthetics and technology. Inside, a grand staircase in the foyer leads to the balcony. An 18-by-24-foot magnification screen above the pulpit allows those seated in back to have a better view of speakers and events on the platform. A two-story, 100-foot revolving stage platform gives flexibility in scheduling back-to-back events. In addition to classrooms located on the second and third floors, the area below the balcony can be divided into three seminar rooms, each accommodating up to 600 people. The building also houses spacious orchestra and choir rehearsal areas, two 200-seat wedding chapels with hospitality rooms, and one stand-alone hospitality room.